1 dollar unlimited hosting !

Discussion in 'Web Hosting Company Announcements' started by sandranicol, Apr 14, 2017.

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  1. sandranicol

    sandranicol New Member

    Host your business website today at just affordable price $1/Month with #Prewebhost, As a hosting provider...Prewebhost has provided best possible options with all our hosting plans. Also there is no limitation for web space and bandwidth to be used with our hosting plans, hurry up....

    Features :

    - Unlimited Space
    - Unlimited Bandwidth
    - Single Click Installation Scripts
    - One Dollar Hosting
    - SEO Tools
    - Unlimited Email Accounts
    - Free Migration Service
    - Email Notification Alerts
    - 24x7 Live Chat Support
    - RAID 10 & SSD Servers
    - Perfect GEO Locations for SEO Hosting
    - Easy Upgrade Facility
    - Free Auto SSL
    - Wordpress Hosting
    - Joomla Hosting
    - Forum Hosting
    - eCommerce Hosting
    - Anytime Hosting Domain Name Change Facility
    - Unlimited Email Accounts
    - Customised PHP.INI
    - Multiphp / PHP Selector
    - Maximum Memory upto 512MB and More depend on requirement
    - Maximum Post Size
    - Max Mail Per Hour Limit
    - cphulk Protection
    - Malware Removal Facility
    - On Demand Malware Investigation and Removal
    - Steps to Harden Security Of Website
    - Notification Alerts on DMCA Complaints
    - Presuspension Notifications and Steps to Correct the Issue
    - Billing Adjustments With Customized Billing Cycles

    Prewebhost Sales Team
  2. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    The offer looks good, but before, I choose any hosting, I will compare the service quality, price, support with other hosting providers. The hosting service I have subscribed charged me 83 cents per month. By paying less $11 in a year, I could host upto 3 websites. Support was so great that my question was answered in less than 10 minutes. I also look for reputation. I have never heard about prehost. having said that I will check this service because it looks promising. I liked unlimited bandwith and diskspace option.
  3. Jasmin Cottontail

    Jasmin Cottontail New Member

    Yeah this really sounds promising! A dollar per month for a hosting provider is really appealing. I'll definitely check this one out! Thanks for sharing :)

    @Vinaya , may I ask the hosting provider that you're currently using? I'm planning to create my own website and looking for cheap web hosting deals but couldn't find any. Thanks!
  4. rz3300

    rz3300 New Member

    Anytime that I see the one dollar part of an advertisement I am usually all in there. Of course, with anything I would have to know a little more about it going in, but that price is still superior to most.
  5. kaka135

    kaka135 New Member

    This offer looks really good, especially with the unlimited web space and bandwidth. Moreover, I always like when there is live chat support. Thank you for sharing. I will check it out soon. I will also have to find out how much it will cost after perhaps the promotion period.

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