Beware of data entry scam

Discussion in 'Online Data Entry Jobs' started by Decentlady, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    A lot of people fall prey to data entry job scams. It is good to share such experiences so that we save others from falling into the same pit.

    I get a lot of smses claiming to provide such opportunities, especially saying " and so from Hyderabad has made this much with data entry job; work from home style, you too can make this much amount.. "

    Beware if such scammers.
  2. kamai

    kamai Member

    Recently I've been getting quite a few of such emails. Usually they are ones that are too good to be true. Thanks for the warning I now it will be useful for those who don't know this information.
  3. It is easy to stay away from such scam activity. However, my point is on how to stop it. If we couldn't be victimized but others are. It is really very tempting. How could you imagine by such promo or communication, you would have a job?
  4. goodluck2u

    goodluck2u Member

    I think our commonsense and gut feeling is the best guard against such scams. Never pay heed to unrealistic offers and don’t look for shortcuts to earn money online. Most of these scams start by offering incredible returns within a short period of time. They are too good to be true. Once you are fascinated by the offer they will ask for a onetime entry fee which is not refundable. As you know once you pay the money you are not going to hear from them anymore. It is commonsense to think that why don’t they just deduct the fee from your earning if they are serious about it?
  5. I go with your idea and I know it is their modus operandi. And it couldn't be hidden anymore for there were many had already been fallen into their "trap". Wherever you may go on the Internet, there is a reported case of online users being extorted, being scammed, of being the victim of "one-time online fee" scam. I wonder why some haven't learned about that dismal experience. They do go with that scam anew.
  6. Christian

    Christian Member

    I'm freelancer for about 10 years now and I never had a data entry job, what exactly do you need to do?
  7. Fam

    Fam New Member

    When I started freelancing, I almost got scammed. These scammers would target newbies who don't have any clue yet to how the system works so they would take that as advantage for them. Most of the time, they would ask you to fill up something and give your personal account information and related stuffs. They say it's for security purposes. After they asked to give my personal infos, I began to think again. So I did not reply anymore. Then I searched other forums and found out that it's a very common scam. Wew. Good thing I did not fall for it.
  8. Geckobro5

    Geckobro5 New Member

    I don't believe I actually fell for any scams in the best but gotten pretty close to it, Usually the sort of scams I get from them are found within my spam folder but I rarely click on them.

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