Discussion in 'Get Paid To' started by thisnthat, Nov 16, 2016.

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  1. thisnthat

    thisnthat Member

    I've heard that Clickworker is a good microtask site. Some people seem to make good money with it. I've also heard that you need to delve deeper, by taking exams. Apparently, if you pass some exams you will be accepted into UHRS. I'm told this is where you find the best paying jobs.

    Does anyone have experience with this program? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
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  2. I have encountered this similar post with the other forum which I am also a member. I am interested to be in that site but I lack a better background or information about Clickworker especially its payment system.
  3. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I've got an account with Clickworker and have been able to earn a bit of money off there, but it's not going to make you rich. There are projects on there but I found that they weren't regular and one week you could earn $50+ and then go the rest of the month earning maybe a dollar so the earning was sporadic at best.

    There are exams on there that you can take and they aren't that difficult. The point of them is just so that Clickworker know what kind of standard you are capable of working to, and while they do take a bit of time to complete for no reward, after taking them newer job opportunities did open up for me but again, the frequency that they was on there was the main reason for the lack of earning potential rather than anything else. Clickorker is a good site to join and to add to your list of sites to earn money off, just don't expect to have a regular income from it.
  4. thisnthat

    thisnthat Member

    That seems to be the case with a number of sites. It always seems like when the potential for high earnings is there, the work isn't. I guess it's still a good opportunity, as long as you have other earning sites to work on during slow weeks. Thanks for the input.

    I don't really have a problem with taking tests. I understand that they are hoping to set the bar a bit higher for better paying gigs, so that seems okay. I don't even mind not being rewarded for my time, as long as it doesn't eat up a ton of time, since it's for increased opportunities.

    Yeah, I've given up on finding any site that will provide a regular income. All those promises of ten dollars plus per hour forget to mention that it's only for an hour each week. :p
  5. fuzyon

    fuzyon New Member

    You just have to be on top of the best-paying jobs, I managed to earn thousands of dollars on Clickworker (can prove with screenshots) and I live in Romania. Deeplinks are my best earner on their site.
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  6. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Interesting that you have been able to earn thousands on there. How long have you been on the site though for you to have earned that much, if you don't mind me asking? Most of the jobs that I have seen on there have been low paying and while you can do them multiple times, it still doesn't amount to all that much.

    The best job I had on there was evaluating websites and from that gig I earned a few dollars per site reviewed rather than a few cents that some of the other jobs pay, but it certainly didn't amount to thousands and the work soon dried up after a few weeks.
  7. fuzyon

    fuzyon New Member

    Nearly 2 years now, but I've had periods of drought. Right now the tasks have diminished, I'm only getting Voice Quality Tests and Deeplinks most of the time. A year ago I was doing a lot more such as Headline SBS and Is This Page Adult. Deeplinks are the best, when they come in huge waves I can even earn $2k.
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  8. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I think that's the problem with a lot of these sites that allow us to make money, and I think we tend to rely on them when we shouldn't. In the past with other sites I have been earning good money for a few weeks and fell into the trap of thinking if I did this for the rest of my life it could end up being a full time job, and then all of a sudden the work dries up and I never earn anything from there again.

    I think that's just the nature of the beast though, and after all...if it was that easy to earn a full time living wage by working online then we would all be doing it, and all sat here rolling in cash and that's certainly not the case in my world anyway, haha!
  9. AlexZ

    AlexZ New Member

    I rесеntly signеd up, hаvе соmplеtеd bаsiс еnglish аssеssmеnt аnd аlsо dоnе аbоut 3-4 jоbs.
    Whеn I lоg in nоw, thе оnly аvаilаblе jоb sееms tо bе "mоbilе jоbs". Is thеrе а rеаsоn I саnnоt sее аny jоbs? Is this hаppеning tо еvеryоnе?
  10. FarmFresh513

    FarmFresh513 New Member

    You know, I've used this site from 2013 to ~2015 and with great results. Like some other users, I've earned 1-2 thousand through the website (30% tax though for federal, social security/medicare, and state). Yes, everything comes in waves, and now-days, I don't use it anymore due to the lack of lucrative tasks. BTW, all the 'good' tasks are on UHRS and rarely on the main ClickWorker webpage.
  11. wallet

    wallet New Member

    I heard about this site, I wanted to join as well but a friend of mine told me is a waste of time because you must complete a lot of tasks and the payment is very low, so, you are losing a lot of time for just a few cents. I gave up on joining but I am open to hearing about new sites where to earn money faster.
  12. saygorem

    saygorem New Member

    Thanks for the information guys, ill try clickworker and see for myself on how to earn extra money while i have my free time. I like it here! There are many informations on how to manage a website plus extra income in forums,thanks guys., keep the information flowing and God bless.

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