Cooling of datacenters

Discussion in 'Colocation and Data Centers' started by OverseasLink, Sep 27, 2015.

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  1. OverseasLink

    OverseasLink New Member

    I must admit the first time I learned that, I didn't understood that computers was so heat generating. But it is. CPUs are real heat generators, even if they are not that efficient when it comes to generate heating for your house, they heat datacenters for no purposes, because computers prefer to be at a cool temperatures. And the heat is often proportional to the computing power, and not really to the size. I guess voltage is the main reason for it, but I don't know.

    This is how you enter inside the challenging challenge of cooling datacenters. It often involve a central cooling system, and I'm not even sure that the cooling system doesn't use as much energy as the servers themselves. To be honest I don't know.
  2. kathryn

    kathryn New Member

    During the colder months, instead of getting up to turn on the heater, I just place my laptop on my lap. In about 10 minutes I am warm, sometimes even hot. I find my laptop to be an energy efficient way to stay warm and decrease my heating bill. :cool:
  3. OverseasLink

    OverseasLink New Member

    Haha. If you use your computer anyway, then, yes, it would avoid you to use the heat generator. But when we're talking about a data center, you would rather cook the employees in place rather than doing anything useful. Well.

    The problem is that you talk about the "heat" usage, but in a professional way it must be cooled. And some substances used to cool it seems rather dangerous. And, after all, what should we cool? The room? The servers themselves? The processors themselves? Some would say each influences the other factors but it doesn't in the same way, and it require different material.
  4. tony

    tony Member

    I don't think it's an ideal thing to do placing your computer on your lap to get warm. Your system may be over heating if it's able to provide you all that warmth.
  5. jay solano

    jay solano New Member

    It depends where gonna make some cooling system into your massive servers, the data center. Data center simply means a massive scale of servers used by companies in order for them to storage large amount of data, and processing. It is typical when summer hit, you must provide a systematic cooling system inside, the facility.
    You don't necessarily to plan well of how you gonna backup massive data, when your entire system of cooling system will down. In physical flow work of a server, when servers will suddenly heat up, the entire colacation data center will not perform well. All information will be affected, and maintenance will be too costly.

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