Do you trust new hosts?

Discussion in 'Shared Hosting Forum' started by Eclipse, Jul 11, 2016.

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  1. Eclipse

    Eclipse New Member

    Do you trusts new hosts? Or do you prefer to use hosts that have been around for a while and have a great track record? I think new hosts can be great, but you never know if they are just going to disappear in the blink of an eye. However, a huge plus is that new hosts are usually very cheap as they want to get a client base quickly!

    New hosts are also good because usually you get a lot of one on one support from the owner/management team. On the other side of that you have the big hosting companies. While they are reliable, if one things go wrong you may waiting a while for a support staff member to get in contact with you. However, big hosting companies usually have very intelligent support staff, who can usually answer your question/inquiry almost every time, while a new host may be uneducated on the situation.
  2. hubkamll

    hubkamll New Member

    In my opinion, most of the new host do not provide a good service. I have used many newer web host but I found that they are not worth it. I would always recommend you to use an already set and reputed brand.
  3. fuzyon

    fuzyon New Member

    You can get lucky with a new host because usually they have a cheap price, but in general I prefer to pay a little extra and go with a reputable company like GoDaddy or DigitalOcean that have been around for a while now.
  4. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    If you check new hosting companies, you will always find cheaper hosting packages. The other day I was checking a forum where a new web host was offering one year hosting just for $1 per year.Yes, the company was offering to host your website just for $1 for the period of one year. However, the main question is whether the company will survive the second year. It is very competitive to survive.
  5. tony

    tony Member

    I prefer to ise hosts that has stood the test of time. I find it hard to trust new hosting companies I like to read about how far the company have excelled in the past years say at least three years before deciding to go for its services. I like a reputable and popular host
  6. hades_leae

    hades_leae New Member

    I believe that many of them end up failing because they start out with their cheap services that actually don't support the company financially. Later on if they break past this point, then they will offer better services as well as up their service cost. They do it so that they can break into the market and be seen as a company that intends to be an authority business.

    They fail because they start off wrong. If I knew mentally that my company was going to be good for consumers, then I wouldn't start off like that just because I'm not known. People tend to only put money into a company that has cheap services, but want that company to offer them more quality than they get at the more expensive hosting company.

    I would give a new company my business if I knew they were starting off with low prices, preferably a little lower than current market, but not right out dirt cheap just to build a customer base that will fail after 1 or 2 years because of offering cheap services.
  7. Jason76

    Jason76 Member

    I don't trust new hosting companies. However, they might be OK for someone with some kind of website he/she isn't that concerned about. However, if it's some website that's vastly important, then I wouldn't use new hosting companies because they may be inexperienced or they might eventually disband.
  8. kgord

    kgord New Member

    I agree with the above posters, unless you are simply trying out hosting, I think it is much better to go with an established company. There is a staggering statistic about how many businesses fail in the first year, and with web based companies, I think the statistics might be even higher. I think using an established company is the way to go.
  9. rz3300

    rz3300 New Member

    Well when it comes to anything I think that I am the type of person who is hesitant to try anything new or any brand or company that is new to the game. That said, though, in today's world of all the reviews and constant information available, I am becoming more and more familiar with the process or researching these sorts of things, which is really the most important thing that you can do, in my opinion at least. Thanks for sharing.
  10. ricemaster214

    ricemaster214 New Member

    I think we should all be wary of new hosting companies. It's worth it to pay a little extra for more established companies that have a good reputation for their service.
  11. JennyorAlice

    JennyorAlice Member

    Normally I'm hesitant to use a new host. I like to wait to make sure that they are reputable and not just going to be some fly-by-night company. I will always prefer a hosting company that's been around a while to a new hosting company.
  12. david mace

    david mace New Member

    I agree to all above discussion, unless you are simply trying out hosting, I think it is much better to go with an established company.
  13. Jason76

    Jason76 Member

    Some are trustworthy, though. Otherwise, few people would visit the web hosting services section of places like Anyhow, I think it's cool that selling reseller stuff can work for some people.

    It boils down to the reviews. If they're coming from real customers - as opposed to paid writers, then we have nothing to fear.
  14. My first reaction is not to trust outright the new web host in the sense that I am a newbie, a newcomer for that matter. Then what I do next is search the web if there is a recent review of that site or I would browse those members on their posts. Are they worthy to get into based on their comments and reactions or even recommendation?

    On the other hand, if it is recommended by my friends, I won't hesitate to try it for I do trust my friends.
  15. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    This really depends on the reviews and user experiences. While some hosts may be reliable and trustworthy others may be actually out there to scam you. I feel it is good to read several reviews on neutral sites and also seek recommendations from friends or other users who are reliable before trying new hosts.

    If a particular site offers free trial period hosting then one may want to try and see if it offers what one is looking for and then one can decide to upgrade or go premium with them.
  16. kingcool52

    kingcool52 Member

    I personally would never want to use a new host because it's just hard to trust their services. I mean especially in terms of paid hosts, this company is new and has no proven record. The owner could simply close the site down a few months down the line because his revenue is just not supporting the costs of running the hosting company. If this happens you will be out of money (especially if you paid in advance for hosting for a while) and you may even lose your site as the owner will most likely not give you a heads up before closing
  17. David S

    David S New Member

    No. I wouldn't use a new one because they haven't made a name for themselves yet. No one has given them a review, so you can't say whether they are good or not. If a friend or someone I trusted thought this new company would be good, then I'd consider to give them a go. It also depends on what deals they offer too, they might not know which good deals are good or bad yet because they are new.
  18. yoshi

    yoshi New Member

    Personally, I'm afraid to go with a new host because you never know what their service might be like. Not to discriminate but it's hard to risk hard earned money for something that has no guarantee of even lasting long.
  19. wiseagent

    wiseagent New Member

    I think in general, there is a certain natural concern related to everything that is new in the market (especially when there are already famous brands in the industry). But if we start from the beginning and remember that these big industries were once small industries... Why are we so afraid at all?

    Well... This may be related to the audacity of each person, some are more adventurous by nature and others more cautious. There is nothing wrong with either profile, but the fact is that in order to invest in something new it's necessary to do a very well detailed research.

    Once you did this, the sky should be the limit.
  20. Haroon Rasheed

    Haroon Rasheed New Member

    I will go for both new and old hosts due to many reasons.New hosts always give many options to select cheaper hosting packages.They provide many cheaper packages to show them reliable and trustworthy.Usually,staff of new hosts is not well-educated to support their users in a good way.

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