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Discussion in 'Web Programming and Development' started by Sapett, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. Sapett

    Sapett New Member

    What was the first language you learned to code in?

    I learned to code in HTML and Java simultaneously. They were the first two languages I learned. I used them both heavily in my high school class, and again early on in some general education college courses. I have sense taught myself some more advanced concepts using free resources online.
  2. Claraviolet

    Claraviolet Member

    C language.
    Well, I was an ECE student but after learning c, I fell in love with programming.
    So, I changed my branch from ECE to CSE. Now, I know c,c++, java(basic and advanced), html, xml,python..I can go on an on.
  3. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I had studied HTML but I used Dreamweaver when I created my first website. It is far easier to make the design with Dreamweaver since all I had to do is to place the contents in the desired location or frame. I don't know if Dreamweaver is still being used now because all I see is Java.

    With computer programming, my first language is Assembler for the mainframe, particularly for the IBM System 370. However, I was quite confused so I studied Cobol which is more comfortable. But when I got used to Cobol, I went back to Assembler so I was a dual language programmer.
  4. tongxiaoxin

    tongxiaoxin Member

    I would advise starting with python instead of C, which is highly recommended by many people. The reason for this is because python has many useful 'restrictions' in terms of syntax and as such, will help any beginner to learn the proper way to code. C, on the other hand, offers programmers freedom or more commonly known in our line of field as "trust the programmer".
  5. bluegreen

    bluegreen Member

    Well, my first language was C++, the last year, I learned some. But this year I started again with C++ and I'm learning it from the begining. Programming it's a cool hobby I hate to say :p and if you can win money with it, even better!

    I am taking a course in Electronics and Computer Engeneering so in the future I might earn my salary by programming (one of the things I love most!)
  6. LinuxLover1968

    LinuxLover1968 New Member

    I guess I am a dinosaur as the first language I learned to program in was COBOL and yes that was quite some time ago. I loved programming in COBOL mainly due to its being in English. HTML was something that I taught to myself many years later.
  7. bluegreen

    bluegreen Member

    I've never heard about that programming language :p So I searched it on google and it seems pretty simple compared to C++, it's more direct I think, the function names are more direct and they say exactly what they do, but I only read a couple of basic programs, not a bigger one, it might get complex even more than C++ but I don't know eheh

    Is COBOL still being used or it's a thing of the past?
  8. LinuxLover1968

    LinuxLover1968 New Member

    COBOL is pretty much a thing of the past. You might find someone using it but it is not likely. I loved COBOL as it was in English and not a bunch of symbols. COBOL was pretty much the first truly organized language for the business world. It was great as long as you didn't fall into spaghetti code.
  9. bluegreen

    bluegreen Member

    Okay! It's nice that you shared that! As I'm taking a course related to programming it's good to know some o the languages, or at least know that they exist and what where/are they used for!

    Today (well, it's past midnight, so yesterday :p) I made my first test regarding Programming in C++, and it was a written test eheh we had to write a programm that asks the user to insert a word (and we should use a string variable) and the program would verify if the first letter was a big letter or a small letter, then it changed it to either a small or a big letter! :p It was easy!
  10. LinuxLover1968

    LinuxLover1968 New Member

  11. raj mohan

    raj mohan New Member

    Mine first programming language was c and c++ and there after I learned java and python.
  12. Mihailo

    Mihailo New Member

    I am learning HTMLL and CSS. I am watching YouTube videos everyday and reding books. I can edit any HTML/CSS code but I can't make a website from 0.
    I hope I will learn this to make my own website and earn some money online.
  13. tongxiaoxin

    tongxiaoxin Member

    From the last time I posted here, I have started learning another language, C++ which is also very powerful indeed. Although python may still be newbie friendly, C++ offers much more features and options to play around with.
  14. naruto100

    naruto100 Member

    If I talk about learning myself, even I have learned HTML on the first place. But it was C language which I learned professionally at my college on the first place. And right now I am working with C# language. So far my most of the work is related with c# language.

    But as this is about first language I learned, it was HTML. And I stated learning it by myself with help of online.
  15. Haroon Rasheed

    Haroon Rasheed New Member

    I am a huge fan of learning different languages to develop new interesting games and software.But I am not able to do at this time,because currently I am a student.I know about a few coding of C language which my professor have taught me in my college.I am trying to improve myself in this way to achieve my goal in future.I am sure that in a few years,I will be able to make my own software and games.Nowadays,I am trying to learn CSS and HTML to make my own websites.
  16. overcast

    overcast New Member

    I started with PHP and Python. And still doing mostly with the PHP some of the time. I am also working with the Android as of now. The thing is that R programming tutorial is something I am learning on YouTube. Because Data science is definitely out there. And that's the thing we have to understand when it comes to the growth in near future.
  17. kaka135

    kaka135 New Member

    I guess I might be an older generation of dinosaur, as COBOL is not the first language I learned but perhaps the second or third, I don't even remember it now as I learned that in one semester only. My first language is Ada, that is the programming language we used throughout the whole course. I was studying in Telecommunication Engineering, but then I switched to Information Technology after two years, and none of my friends who studied IT heard about Ada. It seems like it is a really old language.

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