Discussion in 'Web Hosting Company Reviews' started by reddyash, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. reddyash

    reddyash Administrator Staff Member

    This thread is for writing your reviews, suggestions or complaints on the web hosting company Hostgator. As this is a review section only, please do not post any links in this thread.

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  2. hades_leae

    hades_leae New Member

    Hostgator was my first hosting that I tried so many years ago, and it did not go well at all. I remember talking ont he phone with them and they pressured me into getting services that I did not know that I didn't need at the time.

    I bought domain privacy from them and it didn't even work. I checked it out through out the first 30 days because I thought it would take time to go into effect, but it never worked, I bought an email account with them and emails kept showing up as the default email you get with them which is the ugly one with all the numbers and letter in it.

    I got my money back before my return period was up. I was very disappointed in their service. I went to another host and bought domain privacy and it worked immediately so I knew something was wrong, I told them it wasn't working and they did nothing about it, they didn't even give my money back, I saw all of my personal information when I looked it up on whois, and I did not like that especially after paying for domain privacy.
  3. kgord

    kgord New Member

    Well, that's scary. I personally don't have any experience with Hostgator so I don't think I can respond in a knowledgeable way. However, based on your experience, it doesn't sound like a company I will have anything to do with. Thanks for the warning! It is always good to have that kind of warning before going into a venture.
  4. Maxo

    Maxo New Member

    This site is garbage. I spent days just trying to log into my account. I want to tell everyone i hear say the words "host gator" how terrible an experience i had dealing with this company. I have never been so unsatisfied with anything before
  5. Jasmin Cottontail

    Jasmin Cottontail New Member

    My friend had a good experience with Hostgator and he told me that their support is somewhat good. He also said that Hostgator offers good prices compared with GoDaddy and Bluehost. However, as I've read complaints from their users, I think I have to think twice before using their service. Now I'm looking for an alternative, perhaps GoDaddy and Bluehost will be the best option.
  6. Deva

    Deva New Member

    I find these accounts completely out of step with my personal experiences. Hostgator was a joy for me! I was new to putting up websites at the time and they bent over backward to help me, as a rank novice, get my site configured properly. They were prompt, courteous on the phone, and even were willing to help me with products that weren't even theirs! Of course, my first attempt at blogging didn't work out so well because I just didn't know what I was doing. When I informed them that I would not be needing their services anymore they offered me months of free hosting as a means of customer retention. I'm glad they did, too, because it encouraged me to give it another try and I found my first success with a monetized site.

    I would highly recommend them based on my experiences.
  7. Claraviolet

    Claraviolet Member

    I wanted to move to this hosting and then I have read couple of reviews. According to them, it used to be really good back in the days but now, it's like any other hosting company and it doesn't have good support anymore. Most of the customers left after the change and now, people recommend bluehost over hostgator.

    So, I have dropped the idea of moving to hostgator and I would like others to read all the above posts and research about it for a bit, before making a decision.

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