How often do you maintain your blog?

Discussion in 'Managing Forum/Website/Blog' started by Fam, Aug 29, 2017.

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  1. Fam

    Fam New Member

    It safe to assume that most of us here have blogs or even websites. So to those of you who has one, how often do you maintain your blog/site? Do you upload articles and posts daily? Do you change your theme often? How often too?

    My blog hasn't been updated for some time now because it seems that there are so many same articles and contents lying around these days. Anyone can copy your articles and posts and make it their own without even giving credits to the real author.
  2. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I have 3 blogs and the updating was twice a week in the beginning. That is to have plenty of content at once. But later on, it became a weekly updating for new articles. Readers expect a more frequent updating that's why some bloggers resort to guest blogging or paid blogging to augment his output. It's not easy to write regularly for the blog if you are not a full time blogger. I have to admit that my blogs are currently in suspended animation for lack of time.
  3. ipol12

    ipol12 Member

    I have a number of blog sites which I created about 2 years ago. However, I am unable to update them more than a year ago. It is not monetized anyway. However, I am planning to monetize it. But I got to update the theme I used, which needs some improvements. Thanks for this. It reminded me to update my blog sites.
  4. mildredtabitha

    mildredtabitha New Member

    I have a blog . I always post once in a month but this year i haven't been so active. I always change the template once or twice a year. I haven't thought about hosting it yet.

    I tried adding adverts on my blog using google adsense but I have not yet succeeded. I am not sure if people copy my articles but some of my articles are very original, others are rewritten and others are pure research.

    I have thought about selling my blog because I heard it is possible. I still love blogging and I always read other people's blog too. I started blogging for fun but recently I just realized I can write well and I could use those skills to earn. I haven't had any backlash from social media about my blog but I always strive to make some improvement.

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