Is it possible to make money in affiliate marketing without website?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by topseos, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. topseos

    topseos New Member

    After checking some comments and suggestions, I was planning to get into the affiliate marketing. However I am bit confused if I will need website or affiliate marketing can be done without website also. Waiting for views of members who have experienced with affiliate marketing.
  2. Mohammad Rizwan

    Mohammad Rizwan New Member

    Yes, you can earn commission by selling your products on affiliate marketing sites. No matter you have a website or not. The only thing required is the promotion of the affiliate link. You can do this by any means you want. But a website proves to be the best way to promote affiliate products. However, it's not a necessary part of affiliate marketing.
  3. tongxiaoxin

    tongxiaoxin Member

    Of course you can, in fact if you are really active as a member in other sites/forums, you can probably earn more than if you were to host your own site. Think about it, if you have your own site, then you will have to pay for the hosting as well as other misc fees. If you simply use forums or be a member at other sites, then you can promote your affiliate stuffs for free.
  4. jennifer jam

    jennifer jam New Member

    Ok, Got It, Thanks. I also want to know about it in details.
  5. kaka135

    kaka135 New Member

    Yes, I agree that we can still earn from affiliate marketing without having a blog or website. I think sharing the affiliate links on social media, such as twitter and Facebook sound like a good idea. I am planning to work on affiliate marketing too, hope it's a good way to earn. :)
  6. Blank629

    Blank629 New Member

    Yes, it is possible to make money in affiliate marketing even though you don't have a website. You can use different ways to earn money in affiliate marketing. You can use social medias like Facebook and Twitter. You can also use Youtube so that you can promote your affiliate business. Sometimes using emails are also a way to earn money. For me, I use Facebook as my alternative to a website.
  7. TheOtherSide

    TheOtherSide New Member

    I am a member of an affiliate marketing company and I can say that earning from such site is really hard. First, it's hard to convinced people to join and the products needs to be really good to attract people into buying them. I can say you don't need to have your own website to earn but it would be a great help if you have one, especially if you have lots of subscribers and followers. Also, having lots of friends and connections on social media site is an advantage.
  8. Patrickdim

    Patrickdim New Member

    Some sources that see is there always a computer involve because they have system to use they need a record of any individual s email to process there registration.
  9. williamk

    williamk New Member

    Yes, you can, I have seen it very often where active participators in a forum or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where they share their affiliate links in the forums. A website works well by giving more content on the products or affiliated services.
  10. postfreeads

    postfreeads New Member

    Yes you can, we always as social media, blogs, articles and niche based forums and websites. All the said can be without a website.
    But if you want to sell affiliate products using your company name then a website is a must.

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