Light or dark themes?

Discussion in 'General Web Design Discussion' started by lludawg, Jul 13, 2015.

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  1. lludawg

    lludawg New Member

    Do you prefer lighter themes on forums or darker themes?

    Personally, I prefer lighter colours or a combination of light and dark colours. For example, this forum really appeals to me because it is mainly white with a perfectly matching dark colour. Some forums are so dark that they hurt my eyes and I just cannot stay on them for long.
  2. Marmar

    Marmar Member

    Well, some forums are so light that they hurt my eyes as well. This forum's theme is perfect. I prefer this look better than the last. I love it and I'm not sure if I prefer lighter themes or darker themes, I never really pay attention to that
  3. I like darker themes with white or yellow text. I find it more appealing and easier in the eyes. That is my preference but I know most people prefer lighter themes that uses like light colors like grey, white ,baby blue and other pastel colors. Most people I think hates Neon colors because they were very painful in the eyes, they can also give seizures to epileptic people so for the love of God, avoid neon colors like Cyan, bright yellow and hot pink. You can try to be on the neutral side and make it a combination of lighter and dark color schemes. Pastel colors were said to be very relaxing.
  4. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    I like lighter themes with a little bit of dark hues. I think there should be a balance. The background could be dark, but the font and buttons should be lighter, and vice versa.
  5. EllieVonDyson

    EllieVonDyson New Member

    I tend to prefer lighter colors with darkish text. That’s the main thing for me, that there’s enough contrast that the text is legible. Medium contrast for the other elements can work, but since the posts are the most important thing, those should be easy to read.
  6. If you guys don't mind me asking, what is your opinion about those sites that uses Neon colors? People usually hates those color schemes. Light colors, pastel colors and dark colors are the most conventionally accepted themes but Neon have a lot of hate. Neon colors are almost similar to light colors but they were more brighter and vivid.

    I usually prefer dark themes but I truly understand why the majority preferred lighter colors. We can sorta categorize Neon as light but most people hated them.
  7. kingcool52

    kingcool52 Member

    I don't mind really as there are some great looking light and dark themes that are both available for free and if you pay for them. Personally I tend to slightly prefer darker themes especially for a general and/or gaming forum but then lighter themes are preferred for a forum niche such as promotion and administration etc. Of course light themes I like the normal colours such as blue, red etc. and not those extremely bright colours like pink or yellow
  8. tk-hassan

    tk-hassan New Member

    I personally prefer lighter themes but i don't think it made any real difference. It is the content that needs to be good.
  9. Sapett

    Sapett New Member

    I prefer light themes. They are always visually more appealing and easier on the eyes, in my opinion. I have never had a dark theme on any of my forums. In fact, I am not even active as a member on any forums with dark themes. They are just not my taste.
  10. xXInfectedXx

    xXInfectedXx Member

    To be honest, I don't mind. They are both great themes to have.
  11. Claraviolet

    Claraviolet Member

    I prefer light themes as they are good for eyes when compared to dark themes.
    Still, it depends on the genre.
    Most of the gamers prefer dark theme over light theme.
    Well, it is better to have a light theme, as it is the type of the theme suggested by most of the professionals.
  12. bluegreen

    bluegreen Member

    In my honest opinion every forum or site should have an option between darker and lighter themes, at least 2 options. For example, for me I don't apreciate darker themes so I always tend to search for ways to change the theme if I use that site a lot!

    WebDiscussion forum has the option to change a lot of things and I like it a lot! For me every forum should have that option!
  13. ipol12

    ipol12 Member

    I just made my own blog and customized the settings. I used green colored photo at its heading, while its background is white. The fonts is just black to contrast with the white background.

    My blog is just simple because I don't want it to be complicated for my viewers to explore it easily. With the theme I used as I mentioned, it's lighter theme.
  14. LeadCorw

    LeadCorw New Member

    I prefer both themes dark and light :)
  15. Christian

    Christian Member

    Depends on the niche, I used to like darker themes but now I've notice most people like the lighter ones so I've changed my mind on this.
  16. wallet

    wallet New Member

    Hi, I prefer lighter themes, more color will make me happier and in a good mood, and this it usually makes me write better and have more inspiration for newer subjects that will attract more visitors to my site. Darker themes will make the visitors turn away, and never come back, I need loyal visitors, so I prefer the lighter themes.
  17. power2

    power2 New Member

    Even though they are different, i would say their usage is relatively the same, since if you choose a light them your website content should be a bit darker and the opposite.
  18. williamk

    williamk New Member

    A blend of both themes would really work for me, actually when you use both you end up with pretty results.
  19. overcast

    overcast New Member

    Light themes are good for the eyes. And you should definitely make use of them if you are concerned about how they look on your website. They are more cleaner too. Most of the dark themes are just going to get the irritation into the eyes and mind in general. So there you have to be really careful about how you handle it. That being said, we have to check out how each website can be different with color variation. Not all sites have to be light and not all sites can be dark.

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