Mybb 2.0

Discussion in 'Web Design Scripts & Software' started by Claraviolet, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. Claraviolet

    Claraviolet Member

    I have been waiting for mybb 2.0 for a very long time now. I like the new layout and it's totally responsive. So, I don't have to go for mybb gomobile or tapatalk or some other alternative.

    I like the new look for memberlist and forum list. I can't wait to see it. I wouldn't mind using the basic theme for mybb 2.0 either. So, anyone here eagerly waiting for the release of mybb 2.0 here? If so, do you think we will be able to see it next year?
  2. Jason76

    Jason76 Member

    I can't wait also as I am starting to dabble with MyBB for a new popular forum I want. Note, I could get the premium software, but I just like the DIY nature of it, a new premium theme I have, and also the avatars. However, though, free stuff can be a pain. Myself, I've already had to reinstall a forum, causing a good number of posts and member accounts to be deleted. Anyway, I'd advise people to do homework before making things.

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