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Discussion in 'Running a Web Hosting Business' started by Mushmellow, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. Mushmellow

    Mushmellow New Member

    I want to start a very small hosting company. I'm only going to host friends to be exact. So I don't need nor want anything big. Question is... How do I start one? What do I need to buy?
  2. reddyash

    reddyash Administrator Staff Member

    If you are starting a hosting company to host only friends website then all you need is a dedicated server with linux (Centos) and cpanel or any other control panel which you prefer to be in low cost.
  3. saygorem

    saygorem New Member

    Thanks Reddyash for the information. I would also like to know more about web hosting. I like to make a website which can be of help through forums like this one.
  4. Jason76

    Jason76 Member

    I think people are making things too difficult. Note, in reality, you can just buy a reseller package from any big name hosting company. In fact, you can normally buy it fairly cheap to start out. For instance, one company offers its lowest plan at 4.95/mo.
  5. I have open this assuming that this has been resolved. I am interested to know what is the result of this question and I want to know if the person who raised this question has already been a successful web hosting. What is the latest about this? It seems that this has been abandoned. Any news about this?
  6. rz3300

    rz3300 New Member

    Well 4.95 a month is pretty good but I am not sure that is really all that reflective of most of the prices out there. I kind of hope that I am incorrect though or at least outdated and that would be a nice break.
  7. jakub1

    jakub1 New Member

    Even though it's not reflective of the most of the prices it's sill relatively in comparison to some cheaper plans as well as average ones.
  8. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    Perhaps you can try reseller hosting. You don't need any anything as everything will be handled by the company. Reseller hosting is best option if you wnat to start on a low budget or you don't have technocal knowledge.

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