PPC (Pay Per Click) vs. PTC (Paid to Click)

Discussion in 'PPC or Free/Paid advertisements' started by Rubie, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. Rubie

    Rubie New Member

    I am wondering what is the difference between PPC (Pay per click) and the PTC (Paid to click) advertising. As far as i know, both has the same objective, and that is to draw traffic in a certain website. PPC and PTC are also considered as an Internet Maketing Strategy that can help a website attract some visitors. What would be the possible differences between the two internet advertising website? Can anyone share some of his thoughts?
  2. vinaya

    vinaya Guest

    pay per click is a concept of advertising where the advertiser pays only when the ads are clicked. As far as I know Google Adsense is pay per click program. The advertisers pay to Google only when their ads get click. paid to click is money generating method where a user who clicks the ads gets paid. Google frowns upon pay to click concept. PTC is an advertising program where paid traffic is driven to a website.
  3. techseeker

    techseeker New Member

    Thanks vinaya for updating my knowledge too. I think PPC is a more of a legitimate business model than PTC. PPC is a service provide by an advertising company like Google Adsense where users can advertise their goods and services. We have to pay a price for every click generated on our ads being displayed there. PTC on the other hand is a program where the user will get paid to click on ads displayed in a site meant for that. Google Adsense is very strict against use of PTC or traffic exchange sites as a medium of advertisement. They usually ban members who use PTC/traffic exchange to advertise sites where Adsense ads are being displayed. Google loves only organic traffic.
  4. vinaya

    vinaya Guest

    Like Google Adsense, most of the online advertisers use PPC. Advertisers run ads on the webpages based on contextual advertising, which means only ads relevant to the content are run on the webpage. For instance, if the content is about travel, there will be ads related travel agency, hotels, travel destinations etc. If the visitor finds the ad useful, he will click the ad. Once the ad is clicked, the content creator as well as the ad ad program earns money, whereas the advertisers pay the money.
  5. Rubie

    Rubie New Member

    How much does Google adsense pays you per click vinaya? Is it a good pay or not? I am planning to join that PPC site and hopefully I will be accepted because as far as I know, application is not automatically accepted. Is it hard to join?
  6. Hostizard

    Hostizard New Member

    I think the terms have the same meaning because in both cases the advertiser pays per number of clicks made. The advertiser here is Paying Per Click and the one who is clicking is Paid To Click. There can be a difference only if the audience is clicking to find what they wanted and they are not paid for it as opposed to those who will be paid to click on a number of banners.
  7. vinaya

    vinaya Guest

    pay per click and paid to click both are advertising concepts. In pay per click the advertiser pays the publisher only when the ads on the web pages are clicked by the visitors of the website. In paid to click the publishers drives a paid traffic by paying visitors to visit the web page. pay Per click relies on organic traffic, such as search engine traffic, organic backlinking, and promotional traffic such as social media traffic. Paid to click is a sponsored traffic
  8. I believe both are of the same concept, with just different names, both sites don't have much benefits for the users who do not invest their own money in it.
  9. techseeker

    techseeker New Member

    No, both are entirely different concepts. In the beginning I was also mistaken by this. Google Adsense is a perfect example of PPC whereas Neobux is a PTC. PPC or Pay Per Click is being used by online advertising agencies like Adsense. They will pay you money only if somebody clicks on the ad that is being displayed in your page. PTC site will pay you for viewing ads for a specific period of time that is allotted to you by being a member to them. A PPC like Adsense is very genuine, while most of the PTC sites are scams. Most of them just disappear after collecting enough money from the members as membership upgrade cost or cost for renting referrals.
  10. Okay thank you for clarifying that, I guess it is a popular misconception, that people including I always assume,glad to know that PPC's are actually genuine.
  11. ipol12

    ipol12 Member

    PPC I think, is a platform by which counts the click in the ads in a site, i.e. Adsense. While in paid to click sites, you will earn from the ads in the sites like Neobux , Clixsense, etc. Correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Renren

    Renren Member

    "PPC stands for Pay Per Click (and is used interchangeably with CPC - Cost per Click) and is an advertising model in which publishers are paid for each click on the ads on their site (the publisher/website owner gets the money)

    PTC stands for Paid To Click is a type of website where users are paid to click and ad or visit a site (the user gets the money)

    They are very different ideas."
  13. reddyash

    reddyash Administrator Staff Member

    PPC is where you pay for your website, blog or forum to get advertised and you would be paying based on the clicks you had for advertisement. Where you make the payment.
    PTC is where you get paid for clicking on advertisements in certain websites which offer this type of service.
  14. Patrickdim

    Patrickdim New Member

    They are both online jobs both earn from the advertisements you make and if someone click the ads that you make then that would be the start of your earnings. I dont know how to join these but i always want to do this for online jobs
  15. GraceB

    GraceB New Member

    Sorry, but you are wrong. Like other people have explained, these are two entirely different concepts which are not really all that related. PPC refers to advertising and how those advertisements are prices and exposed to the public, and PTC is you wasting your time and the money of the advertisers only to get scammed for few cents. Very different things with very different levels of general value.
  16. randiv

    randiv New Member

    Thanks for sharing the informative information about ppc & ptc.
  17. Jason76

    Jason76 Member

    For advertisers, the first has a greater chance of not being a scam (pay-per-click), while the second is almost always one. In the 2nd case, there is a good chance nobody is interested in the product being sold. Anyway, from the POV of the employee of PTC, it could be profitable, but I doubt if it's ethical.
  18. tony

    tony Member

    My understanding, Pay to click is used by webmasters to kind of pull traffic to their site. They pay people to visit their websites. On the other hand pay per click is where you get paid when an ad is clicked on your site, this is mostly run by Google Adsense.

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