Seo for social media

Discussion in 'Search Engine Opimization' started by Georgelucas, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. Georgelucas

    Georgelucas New Member

    * Publish High-Quality Content
    * Make Social Sharing Easy
    * Boost Your Images and Profiles
    * Measure Social Media Performance
  2. Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson New Member

    But most of the popular social media provide "no follow" backlink
  3. Georgelucas

    Georgelucas New Member

    Yeah, Still social sites like Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn allows 'do follow' backlinks.
  4. andreausa

    andreausa New Member

    Social media draws a unique visitor to a website, Helps to create brand awareness, Helps to get high exposure to a website so social media is very important to SEO.

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