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Discussion in 'General SEO' started by Rubie, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. Rubie

    Rubie New Member

    Aside from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media is now also used as an internet marketing tool. In Social Media Optimization (SMO), the promotion is conducted in the social networking sites. The chance of exposure in social media is quite reliable because live interaction with other people is possible.

    In your opinion, how would you rate SMO as an internet marketing tool. As compared to SEO, what works best for you to promote your site?
  2. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I still have to see the effectiveness of that SMO in social media. It seems to me that users of social media are not that responsive when it comes to advertisements. I have been promoting to my friends in social media some of my videos and I get a good number of likes and even comments... but my videos get a few views only. But let us see if this SMO would be a thing in the future because the internet is truly full of surprises. In the olden days, who would think that a search engine would be the biggest thing in the internet? But it did happen.
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  3. Ramakrishnan

    Ramakrishnan Member

    Both SEO and SMO are used to increase the traffic to a website but they use different techniques. SEO brings traffic and backlinks for the website whereas SMO uses social media to maximize the awareness of the customers about the product or service. Both of them are important and are required for the promotion of the website, because both of them help to convert users into customers.
  4. maria20

    maria20 New Member

    Social media optimization is one of the great way to generate more leads in your business. So, never forge to promote your website using social media websites.
  5. Christian

    Christian Member

    Is not much as a optimization, like SEO, I would call it social media signals and yes, having them helps a lot and can improve your rankings.
  6. seojesica

    seojesica Member

    I think now a days both are very popular for websites SEO and SMO, because seo gives high visibility in search engine and smo gives traffic.
  7. Fam

    Fam New Member

    I doubt that having social media as a mean of optimizing your content since most users of social medias won't bother getting redirected to other sites. So your content wouldn't get that much optimization which you are looking for. Social media is good for promoting and sharing your links but don't expect much from it. Social media people nowadays are clever and if they notice that you are sharing stuff that they don't find interesting, they won't even bother clicking the link.
  8. jay solano

    jay solano New Member

    As far, as I know, social media optimizations purpose was to have a competitive analysis and web app friendly, so the user won't bother to proceed any further more websites reliance. Though, the stuff is interesting, when you want to find someone. It will just pointing to the user what you searching. When people exchange topics, theres a high possibility that, it would filter, and used as marketing targets of companies. Now, the fast dynamic of SMO, still upgraded until today, the much exposure into other user would not be inevitable, unless yourself keep some private information into yourself.
  9. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    The main purpose of Social Media Optimization, or SMO in short, is to optimize your scocial media accounts in a way that it sends traffic to your website. One of the SMO techniques is social media presense. Your website should be present in various social media sites, from faceboo to twitter, Pinterest, G+, and Instagram. Secondly, you should provide a good teaser while sharing your links. If you want to get most from your contents through social media sharing, then you should use high quality image as the feature image, which will be appeared as preview image while sharing on social media. Social media sharing sends social signals, which will benefit SEO.
  10. daica85

    daica85 New Member

    Here are the advantages of social media optimization:

    • Driving traffic from sources other than search engines
    • Targeting specific groups
    • Utilizing Word of Mouth Advertising
    • Increasing Relevant Links
    • Sharing Information
    • Creating a community
    • Social Media Marketing can increase the links
    • SMM makes bookmarking and tagging easier
    • Social media will Increase inbound links
    • Social Marketing assists in the constant flow of the content
    • Generates faster and easy connectivity with communities

    Good luck,
  11. Clara

    Clara New Member

    The purpose of social media optimaization is to use social media to increase traffic to a website. This may incorporate RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, video and blogging sites, as well as social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Utilizing SMO on a website essentially means that the website and its content should be optimized so that the content from the site should easily shareable on social media.
  12. andreausa

    andreausa New Member

    SMO is a strategy for drawing new and unique visitors to a website. SMO can be done two ways: adding social media links to content, such as RSS feeds and sharing buttons or promoting activity through social media by updating status or tweets, or blog posts.
  13. Jason76

    Jason76 Member

    SMO, of course, would be the optimization of social media techniques to get free traffic. Well, I suppose that's possible. But then again, in comparison to high-quality PPC, boosting on Facebook is quite affordable. In that case, what's the wiser choice?
  14. overcast

    overcast New Member

    I think social media optimization takes a lot of time for some people. In such cases it can be reasonable to focus more on the SEO and the SMO at the same time. I have learned that some of the time you have to be really understanding on the way things work. I know for sure that SEO and SMO is more of the experimentation.

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