Some disadvantages of could hosting.

Discussion in 'Cloud Hosting' started by techseeker, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. techseeker

    techseeker New Member

    Cloud hosting is the most modern technology in web hosting arena. Many big companies like Google and Apple use cloud servers to store customer data. But it has some disadvantages too which we should be aware of :

    - In cloud hosting a network of servers is being used to store data. It is not advisable if you are dealing with highly sensitive data. A dedicated server is the best option for this.
    - Anything that can be accessed can be hacked too. Data on cloud server is also prone to attacks.
    - In reality unprofessionally managed cloud hosting results in frequent outages and other technical issues. In such case, you cannot expect a good uptime.

    So, if you are planning to change your existing web host or looking for a new server always do enough homework before taking a final call.
  2. jkbos2

    jkbos2 New Member

    I'm glad you posted this. I'm pretty sure most things on the cloud aren't really secure. The cloud is really good for other things like downloading music or saving files that aren't something you wouldn't mind sharing. I've heard of people having private pictures leaked because they were saved on the cloud. If I had a site that I was making money from I wouldn't use cloud hosting.
  3. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    The more people are using cloud hosting, the more it's being developed and while at the beginning the security aspect of it might have been an issue, I think a lot of cloud hosting companies have tightened up the security aspect a lot recently so I wouldn't be overly concerned.
  4. kathryn

    kathryn New Member

    Thanks for this info. I've been hearing a lot about cloud hosting since I've been coming to this forum, but was not very familiar with it.

    I too was wondering about the security issues and hacking vulnerabilities. I guess this would not work too well with an e-commerce site that stores customer credit card info. Best to stick to a dedicated server like you said, which I pretty much figured as well.
  5. OverseasLink

    OverseasLink New Member

    Depends what you qualify as "secure". When you store your credit card on big servers of big e-commerce companies, what difference between the cloud or many datacenters from the company around the world? It feels like already the "big company" is a cloud service running for itself. In a dedicated where servers are inter-connected to each other somehow (they're at least connected all to Internet, and potentially in privileged local intranet), what is so different from a container separation? Answer these questions and you will get a better idea of the difference of security between cloud and dedicated.

    Anyway, are we really sure we should store credit card information on a server, after all?
  6. kathryn

    kathryn New Member

    Your comment doesn't really make sense since everything you asked is what I would like to know myself. I too would like to know the difference in the security of a dedicated server and the cloud. Do you know the answer to that?
  7. OverseasLink

    OverseasLink New Member

    I was trying to show in my post, and to show it by example, that the security of a dedicated vs a cloud is not so much different, and I would say cloud is more secure: all the business would fall if it was insecure, since there's serious companies that keeps heavy secret on their servers. So any weakness is not allowed here, their interests are in threat otherwise.
    Meanwhile, a lonely dedicated host that is in a data center have a more relative security. But less person is looking at it. If you're putting data on it through a SECURE connection, and you only allow management through a secure connection, then you can get an approximate security as cloud can give you. The problem is that you have to be sure the webserver is ready to cope with attacks like HTTPS attacks, and this is under your management, unlike in cloud.
  8. DnkHrth1

    DnkHrth1 New Member

    But I heard big names like Google and Apple are also using cloud hosting services. If Data are so attack prone, why would they use something like that? And what did you mean by 'sensitive data'?

    I only use OneDrive as a cloud hosting service. I only store photos and apps there. So there is nothing to them hack in my account.
  9. Patrickdim

    Patrickdim New Member

    Most of the tools we used have disadvantages i used cloud for back up files so that what ever happen i can easily get my files on cloud so i continuesly using it. The disadvantage of cloud for me is a lack of space to save so i have to fix first adjust the size and the internet is big deal for this if you have no connection you cant open it.
  10. barida

    barida New Member

    Most of the things I save using cloud hosting are music files, videos files and documents that I do not feel leaking out will cause an uproar around the web arena. In as much much I do not agree with you that cloud hosting is not secure for the saying that 'anything put on the internet ain't secure anymore' cuts across all web hosting services.

    I read sometime in the past where even Microsoft site was hacked for a whole weekend even as we all know that the company is one that breaking into their web will be hard. Hackers went that length in hacking their site to prove that nothing is impossible on the internet. all we have to do is hope that these hackers do not remember us, else no matter where we kept any file online, that are sure to dig it up.
  11. manoj

    manoj New Member

    If you feel strong in your security, next you have your technology potentially becoming outdated, which may be a waste of your money.

    You will have to provide services and maintenance for your cloud server, which could drive costs up too.

    Your best bet is to honestly invest in a good cloud company that’s a good fit for you, and pay for them to deal with your security and maintenance. Cloud security is at an all-time high for encryption and strength, and your documents will be safe.
  12. remnant

    remnant New Member

    At this point in time, don't share anything you cannot share no social media un the cloud. As research breaks new barriers, new products are being developed by some companies un beat the security challenge. The other issue is downtime which is normally experienced no the internet but its more frequent no the cloud.
  13. jakub1

    jakub1 New Member

    There a lot of disadvantages in using cloud hosting, but most of them depend entirely on your usage as well as your content, i would recommend using them for simple stuff.
  14. rz3300

    rz3300 New Member

    No matter how much assurance and reviews I get and all that I read, I will still always consider privacy a major risk here. I would say that things are improving but it also seems likes everyday there is a new threat being posed.

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