The issue of fake news

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Alexandoy, Aug 26, 2017.

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  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I had read in one news report that Facebook is now formulating a way to block posts of fake news. The network admits that fake news is prevalent in Facebook because users have the temerity to share the said posts. This is one good development in social media because I am also annoyed with the spread of fake news. I even reprimand my friends sometimes for sharing a post in their timeline. The most recent was the 15 days of darkness according to NASA. That is silly, all right, but people have the tendency to share so maybe my point is also the point of Facebook. Hopefully, those fake news and false information on social media will stop soon.
  2. ipol12

    ipol12 Member

    I often receive some fake news on Facebook like the "solar flare" which it was mentioned that the news came from BBC. That's just funny though because I received such message from through a text message a decade ago.
    By the way, the issue of fake news was being upheld by the mainstream media and the liberals, though in fact, they are the ones who are manipulating the people with their propaganda and distorted news, which can be considered as fake news.
  3. kingcool52

    kingcool52 Member

    I read about that as well and hopefully, it can be done quickly. The problem is that people may not think much about the fake news that is spread on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter but it has some catastrophic real world consequences. The late influx of votes for Donald Trump was surprising and many people do believe that the spreading of fakes news helped him become president. Thankfully, my timeline is pretty clean and I am yet to see any fake news. That's probably thanks to the fact that I am not friends with any gullible people which I am very happy for :D.
  4. Patrickdim

    Patrickdim New Member

    Yes there alot of many fake new coming out using social media because some of them are just using it for online business to gain more subscriber, followers, likes and views to their page so that you need to be careful in reading some new in social media nowadays
  5. williamk

    williamk New Member

    Fake news is mostly generated by bloggers who are trying to drive human traffic to their site, however, it has now gone to another level where it is used to defame or tarnish people characters. Strick laws and guidelines must be put up to control the vise.
  6. Fam

    Fam New Member

    On social medias, it is certain and expected that there will be fake news and other stuffs floating. It's how the web goes. That is why I won't even know sometimes that fake news somehow exists on social medias since I don't even follow unreliable sources. Whenever I see one, I immediately stop following whoever or whatever shares those fake stuffs. If by any chance spreading fake news on social medias is relevant to SEO, I wouldn't even bother knowing.
  7. Deva

    Deva New Member

    I admire Facebook for taking a stand and I think that blocking information outlets with a dubious reputation would be a good first step in combating this. But I think we're making a few mistakes here. The first of them is that we're not calling "fake news" sites what they are; propaganda outlets. They aren't there to inform you, they're there to push an ideology.

    The second problem is one of ethics. While there are some outlets that have an incredible partisan slant with no journalistic integrity at all, we can not label all forms of partisan speech as "fake", or "propaganda" out of hand. Bias is an inherent part of cognition! You cannot be a human being and not have some slant to the way you see things. This being the case, we have to be extremely open about where we draw our lines between journalism and propaganda. This means being transparent about our definitions and transparency is not something Facebook does well. The same rules which can justly block a white supremacist's "news" blog can also be used to silence meaningful dissenting viewpoints. A platform in which dissent is not permitted is one in which tyranny is seeded.

    The final point I'd like to make is that, ultimately, the "fake news" outlets aren't to blame, here. We are. These propaganda machines may put out a vitriolic product, but they are a business like any other. Their websites rely on subscription models, affiliate marketing, and direct purchase of various products. They could not do the things they do if we did not patron their brand. So why do we do it? The simple answer is education. We have a generation of people out there who did not have to pass a civics or economic 101 class to get their diploma, and now the ignorance with which they've gone through life is being empowered by money. We can point at the big bad fake media barons all we like. The simple fact is that our own cultural ignorance created this monster and it will take a society-wide rededication to the idea that we must challenge students to rise to the occasion, instead of lowering the academic bar to accommodate our own selfish ideologies.

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