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Discussion in 'Managing Forum/Website/Blog' started by Alexandoy, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    Do you think giving a title to members can be a motivating factor for their participation? When I received the title of Expert in one local forum, I was surprised but at the same time tickled pink. And come to think of it, I had about 20 posts only although they are substantial in content and in length. Nevertheless, that title is sensible unlike in other sites where the title depends on the number of posts.
  2. pecan

    pecan New Member

    It is always nice to know that people read your content and react to it accordingly, but even better if it includes some sort fo a reward- even if that means an interesting title.
    Many websites to my knowledge use the same technique to incline their members for more frequent participation.
    It si one sort of a website game-ware and it usually works like magic.
    Congratulation on your Expect title.
  3. saygorem

    saygorem New Member

    I like the idea of it because if you are entitled and classified as expert, you are excellent in your work plus it gives you credentials in forums. Your idea is sought after, many would like to read or hear what you say or post.

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