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Discussion in 'Content Writing/Marketing' started by Decentlady, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    Where do you get the topics for content writing? Do you encourage your readers to "drop" topic ideas?
  2. goodluck2u

    goodluck2u Member

    I have never done that but it is a good point to involve readers in generating ideas. If you can write based on their requirement you can expect more participation and loyal active audience base.

    I focus mainly on evergreen topics like health & fitness, parenting, home remedies etc which are ever green and never lost their importance. But the challenge is that you can find a lot of such articles on net. You need to stand out from the crowd to attract viewers which makes it a difficult task. As you already know content is the king in article writing field and you need to invest quality time to generate unique content.

    Thank for sharing the idea of involving readers in idea generation.
  3. There are sites that have series of topics to write about. Better check their topics to facilitate approval if you are writing online with them. Topics to write are of great in number from household chores to an office job, from a hobby to community activities.
  4. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    A new topic is always welcome in the forum for it infuses new blood especially if the thread is interesting enough as to solicit comments. But I admit that sometimes it is difficult to think of a topic to start, maybe it can be considered a writer's block. I have noticed in some forums that the most number of threads are in the off-topic board. One reason is the freedom of choice because any topic is supposed to be welcome unlike in category boards where the subject matter is confined to the scope of the category. But I also find some forums without the off-topic boards for the reason that they want the contents to be focused on the theme or genre of the forum.
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  5. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    I get topics for my contents in the following ways.
    I am searching something online and do not find a proper content. Voila, this will be my new topic for the new content.
    I am talking to people and find something interesting, which I use in my contents.
    I also find topics when I am reading or visiting places.
  6. moondebi

    moondebi Member

    It's difficult to maintain a constant flow of ideas. Given a fact that we, the online writers, key in many words a day on several platforms, so after sometime there ought to be a dearth of new ideas.
    Reading is a good habit to churn out something new. And, going through the current affairs help to produce some topics and contents which could be meaningful as well as contemporary.
  7. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    Sometimes I also get ideas for my new post while reading old post. For example, I am reading my old article "Home remedies for long and thick hair" and suddenly I notice that the article misses some important points such as how to avoid breakage, how to cure split ends and how to remove dandruff naturally. The old article has given three topic ideas.
  8. lizt95

    lizt95 New Member

    You can always come up with ideas that are personal to you, then you can think about things that are related to your market. Divide them into subgroups, discuss advantages and disadvantages too. That way you can link topics and go into more in depth discussions.
  9. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    You make an important point. Your personal ideas can be the topics for your next article. For instance, you have a flu and you find ways to avoid flu, control flu through home remedies.Now you can write about your experience in an article. You adopted a street dog,you can write about your experience. Personal experience has a great appeal to other people.
  10. thisnthat

    thisnthat Member

    There are ideas everywhere. Look around you and take note of anything that grabs your interest. Even a vivid color can turn into a topic of discussion on many different levels. We have to learn to open ourselves up to inspiration. It's everywhere.

    Yes, I like to ask a question at the end of my posts sometimes. It seems to generate discussion. You can often find a new topic to write about within your reader comments, even if they aren't intentionally generating ideas for you.
  11. ray

    ray Member

    I am a travel writer in general and being a traveler related to my work and a tourist by nature I was never short of ideas. However, I have started writing on day to day issues lately as there is no dearth of issues in daily life.
  12. I am an educator, a school head, and a school administrator. I have lots of issues or topics to tackle when I am going to write. I am a publisher/blogger. I don't have follower or blog content writer for my personal blog site.
  13. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    There is a new site called Content Gather that is a market of articles. You submit and your article is reviewed. Once approved, it is included in the roster of articles for sale and you receive 20% of the selling price. Now the challenge is the topic of your article that is interesting to potential buyers. The rejection rate is high... I think.
  14. ray

    ray Member

    Yes I heard about that in another forum but I have not yet checked it. I am not sure whether I qualify to write in that site but I will give it a try for sure even if I can read your message that the rejection rate is high. I think no one wants to pay that much for inferior content.
  15. fuzyon

    fuzyon New Member

    I personally like to observe what people like the most on my site, usually by checking the traffic on every article. I then try to branch out from those popular ideas and create content similar to it. It's a good technique if you want to keep your site's traffic constant.
  16. thisnthat

    thisnthat Member

    Another source of content ideas is looking through forums and other sites that have categories. The names of forums, subforums, or categories in a list of topics covered on a site can sometimes inspire me. For example, if you visit a car forum, there might be subcategories for getting good gas mileage, car maintenance, etc. If I'm looking for an idea to write about that involves saving money, the one about getting better mileage might inspire me to write about that as a way of saving money.

    On other sites, like one of the reward sites I'm on, they have a category list that includes things like art, business, cooking, DIY, education, home and garden, and the typical stuff. Sometimes, just going through that list will give me an idea.
  17. You will never be running out of anything to write as long as you browsing the Net and getting cognizance what is the issue and the trending topic for the day. News, events, gathering, TV features, among others are the probable sources for content writing. If you are unable to keep track of what is trending in the Net through reading the newspaper could also serve a good source of topic to write about.

    As long as you are resourceful, you'll never ever be running out of topics to develop.
  18. ray

    ray Member

    Just keep your eyes open and you will never be short of ideas. I have picked ideas from some very interesting sources like while having a discussion on a particular topic. Sometimes you get ideas while you're walking on the street or market and something unexpected happens. I have picked some of my best writing ideas while walking in the park and eavesdropping unintentionally.
  19. thisnthat

    thisnthat Member

    You could ask your readers specifically too. I have asked if there are any questions they really want answered or any topics they'd really like to see covered. It's a great way to get topic ideas. More importantly (at least in my opinion), is it gets the readers involved. Engaging them is a great way to keep them coming back for more. They feel like they belong, like they are part of things on your site.
  20. naruto100

    naruto100 Member

    I mostly used to write about technology, so I always love to learn about new and upgraded technology for different devices. So whenever I discover something new I used to write about it. So that's why I get the topics. As my work is also related to website designing, I can also provide content related to it. Sometimes I do search about the same on internet too.

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