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Discussion in 'Content Writing/Marketing' started by Decentlady, Jun 8, 2016.

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    I always look forward for the off topic section in every forum .It gives the users the liberty to express their views irrespective of the forum. Although I always prefer to focus on on- topic forum discussions but there are times when I simply want to express myself.
  2. If this problem keeps bothering you on what to write for online writing job, reading is one of the practical ways of doing so. Browsing the Internet is a way of doing it especially on the trending issue on various subjects.

    But if you are participating on a comment exchange of ideas for a particular online site discussion, take note of the most reacted topic. Try to go over with the ideas presented and you can get the gist of everyone's comment. There you can formulate your own topic sentence and you can develop it.
  3. ray

    ray Member

    I have started writing on business and finance lately and most of the ideas come from the comments on my articles. Most readers/posters have lots of queries/objections which I note down and after researching properly convert it into another article. I always write a comment on my article that I will try to give them a solution in my next article.
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    For me parenting, motherhood and family issues are the best topics. I can write endlessly on them. I feel really good when after reading an article some people try to discuss their problems with me and ask me to figure out a solution.
  5. saygorem

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    Maybe our own ideas can be a best topic topic for content writing. Just like youtube videos, many video creator comes up with their own unique ideas to upload. We can come up with new topics too, one that best interest our fancies in life, topics about music, movies and many more.
  6. Deva

    Deva New Member

    I don't encourage my readers to drop ideas in so many words. That said, I do include a call to action in as many posts as possible, depending on what the objective of any particular piece is. I do actively read comments and this usually does provide a lot of meaningful data about who's reading my blogs. When you understand your audience, post ideas come a lot easier because you know where the pocket is. Early on it can be difficult, that way. You're just flinging themes at the wall to see what sticks. This is just another reason why a call to action is a powerful tool!

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