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Discussion in 'Search Engine Opimization' started by Mark Anderson, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson New Member

    1)Primary search engine or it is called Crawler based Search Engines is the top search engines which index all the sites on web. It will generate the majority of traffic to your website and traffic depends on how you work on SEO.
    Eg: Google, Yahoo
    2)Secondary Search Engines specifically target at smaller rate and mostly targeted to specific audiences. They do not generate huge number of traffic but it is useful for regional and narrowly focused audiences.
    Eg: Lycos, Ask me
    3)Human-powered search engines, better known as Web directories, are popular simply because of the higher quality of links submitted and the caliber of the sites hand-picked to be included in the index. Here are some of the most popular human-powered search engines on the Web.
    Eg: Dmoz
  2. Georgelucas

    Georgelucas New Member

    I was not knowing these factors Mark. Very informative post.
  3. randiv

    randiv New Member

    Ok, Got It, Thanks for sharing the valuable information.
  4. andreausa

    andreausa New Member

    Different kinds of search engines are:

    Alta Vista
  5. mildredtabitha

    mildredtabitha New Member

    Google scholar is also another search engine. :)
  6. Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson New Member

    There is Primary , Secondary and Human powered search engine

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